We know you have several drop zones to choose from in Virginia. We pride ourselves on making locals and visitors feel like part of the Skydive Suffolk family. No matter what your skydiving goals, we want every jump you make at Skydive Suffolk to be your best jump yet!


Skydive Suffolk regularly hosts events for all skill levels in many disciplines. Check out our events calendar and follow us on Facebook for more information.


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Head down skydiving

Licensed Pricing

Retired and current Navy SEALs in 10-way formation

Full Altitude


Hop n Pop


Block of 50

$26 each

Block of 100

$24 each

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Photo Gallery

Check out all the fun we are having at Skydive Suffolk. If you are not jumping here, you should be!


Jumping with style at Skydive Suffolk! We love our fun jumpers!

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Plane Ride
Plane Ride

On the way up to jump!

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Four Way Formation
Four Way Formation

Having fun!

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Jumping with style at Skydive Suffolk! We love our fun jumpers!

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Licensed Need-To-Know


Please read and adhere to the following guidelines to make your skydiving experience as enjoyable as possible.


  • Be 18 years of age

  • Be a current member of the USPA (or your National Aero Club) and hold an "A" license or higher

  • Have your equipment maintained to the standards of the USPA (or your National Aero Club)

  • Bring your logbooks, ratings, and proof of USPA membership

  • Jump with an AAD

  • Use gear that is TSO'd (unless foreign guest) with a reserve in date with data card

  • Have a wing loading that does not exceed manufacturers recommendations

  • Be jump current according to USPA guidelines


Currency Requirements:

A License: Must have jumped within 60 days

B License: Must have jumped within 90 days

C and D Licenses: Must have jumped within 6 months



Skydive Suffolk is a United States Parachute Association Group Member. We adhere to all Federal Aviation Regulations and all USPA Basic Safety Requirements. In addition to the BSRs, the USPA has established recommendations for many activities that Skydive Suffolk fully supports.

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Please review our dropzone safety documents before jumping at Skydive Suffolk:


Skydive Suffolk Policies