Employee of the Week! Meet Alberto Macias

For Albert Macias, it’s all about watching other people experience the joy of skydiving.

The tandem instructor at Skydive Suffolk loves to take new skydivers up into the air for an unforgettable

day. Macias has jumped since 2010 and provided tandem skydives for more than a year.

The Atlanta native attended Indian River High School in Chesapeake and still lives there. He works at Skydive Suffolk on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. During the week, he’s a waiter at Rancho Grande Mexican restaurant in Chesapeake.

Macias has several memorable tandem jumps over the past year. He recently did a jump with a young woman who suffers from brain cancer. “She loved the jump,” he said.

He also remembers a father who did a jump for his son’s birthday. Macias recalls the man was nervous before the jump and quiet on the plane during the ride up. But once the parachute deployed and they reached the ground, the man couldn’t stop talking!

“He was so excited and couldn’t wait to go again!” Macias said.

Macias believes skydiving is an incredible experience and that everyone should do it at least once.

And whenever you’re ready for a tandem, Macias is happy to take you along for the ride.

Alberto on one of his many tandem jumps!

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