How to Prepare for the Perfect Winter Skydive

Itching to go skydiving in the winter months?

We've got you covered -- literally -- with an expert checklist of what to wear.

Even though the weather can be colder, winter skydiving is just as exciting as any other time of the year.

Staying warm is all about layering and being comfortable. You want to enjoy your skydiving experience; stay away from bulky winter wear items and focus on layering!

Here's what we recommend you bring:

- a lightweight thermal top and pants - make sure they don't restrict your movement

- thermal socks and closed toe shoes (stay away from heavy boots)

- a thin wind breaker for over your thermal and/or a fleece jacket/pullover

- ear warmer - stay away from loose fitting beanies or hats

- neck warmer - exposed skin is cold skin!

- gloves without holes

**We also have jumpsuits available to wear for full body coverage!

Don't forget to stop at the Gear Store when you arrive for your jump; we have multiple items available for sale that are perfect for your winter jump (and will look great in your jump photos!), including;

-Gaiters (or 'Buffs') - Made of 100% polyester microfiber, it's durable, soft, wind resistant, breathable and moisture wicking! Designed for a high level of comfort and protection from the elements, this seamless tube of fabric can be worn for everything from skydiving to cycling. The seam-free construction means there are no irritating seams or hems, making it ideal to wear under a helmet or other headwear.

- Hot Hands - Single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth and are ideal for keeping your body warm when the temperature gets cold. Great for before or after your jump.

-Hoodies, Zip-up Hoodies, Long sleeved shirts, and gloves!

Ready to book your winter skydive? We have special pricing for tandems!

From January 1 through April 1, jumps are only $199! Reserve your spot today!

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