Employee of the Week! Andrew Manthey

You know all the awesome, thrilling videos we share of people going skydiving?

Andrew Manthey is the man behind it all.

As the video department manager at Skydive Suffolk, he spends his days editing tandem skydiving videos, working on event posters, following up with customers and looking for ways to improve the video department, in general.

And if Andrew's last name sounds familiar, you'd be right! He's the son of Skydive Suffolk owners Mike and Laura Manthey.

"I love seeing the excitement on peoples faces while I edit their videos," said Andrew. "It's cool to see how many people come through and have a great time."

Andrew enjoys working with an extreme sport for a living. Plus, he jokes, "I'm not so sure the owners would let me quit."

Andrew says people should go skydiving to experience the thrill that only falling at 120+ mph can provide. Plus, he says, maybe you will find a new hobby.

One of his most memorable customers is a young man who agreed to jump at the last minute after his family urged him to do it.

"Even though it wasn't his plan all along to jump, his attitude of trying something new on the spot stood out to me, and I think more people should adopt that mentality," said Andrew.

Come on out to Skydive Suffolk for YOUR big jump. Andrew will be ready to make a video of your incredible experience!

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