You can begin the ACCELERATED FREEFALL (AFF) program at Skydive Suffolk after completing your first tandem jump.  Training for your first AFF jump takes approximately 4-5 hours and includes aircraft procedures, the opening sequence of a parachute, emergency procedures, landing techniques, and practical exercises in body positions for exits and freefall. Following ground training, two instructors will guide you through the exit, freefall, deployment, and landing processes. After completing the first jump course, you will receive one on one instruction as you work towards earning your USPA A-License (minimum 25 jumps).

Student Pricing


First Jump Course (Ground School)


First Skydive (with two instructors but you fly your own parachute)


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After competing the First Jump Course and your First Skydive, you may decide to continue with the student program and earn your A-License from the United States Parachute Association. Please contact us for more details.

Photo Gallery

Share your skydive with family and friends by capturing the experience with photos and/or video! Photo/video package available for $125. Photos only available for $75.

2-Photo by Adam Fisher 1.JPG
2-Photo by Adam Fisher 1.JPG

3-Photo by Spike's Consulting 1.JPG
3-Photo by Spike's Consulting 1.JPG

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9-Photo by Spike's Consulting 6.JPG

2-Photo by Adam Fisher 1.JPG
2-Photo by Adam Fisher 1.JPG

Student Need-To-Know


Please read and adhere to the following guidelines to make your skydiving experience as enjoyable as possible.


  • We are open Friday 12:00 PM to sunset, Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM to sunset.

  • A tandem jump is required before signing up for a First Jump Course.

  • Weight limit for AFF jumps is 230 lbs.

  • In order to receive your USPA A-License you must make a minimum of 25 skydives under the supervision of an instructor.

  • Plan to spend the whole day at the drop zone for your first jump course and skydive.

  • Please notify the drop zone (email when you are planning to come out for training after completing the First Jump Course so we can schedule instructors as needed. 

  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol in your system